Monday, October 1, 2012

30th Celebration of Banned Books Week!

Dear Students and Faculty:

This week marks the 30th anniversary of an annual event called Banned Books Week. This event is all about celebrating the freedom to read!

When you come to the library, you will notice some displays that feature books covered in brown paper. These 80+ books are Dartmouth High School Library books. Throughout history, these titles have been challenged, banned, burned, censored, restricted, and removed in other libraries across the United States, as recently as earlier this year, and as close to us as Westport High School (in the 1970s). Unfortunately, this still happens today in the 21st century.

A library is a place where people can come to find information about all topics. A librarian’s job is to promote, provide, and protect the freedom to read and the freedom of choice. How would you feel if someone you don’t know told you that they personally disagreed with a book, and therefore, you couldn’t read it?

A library is a place where you can choose the materials you would like to read, and others can do the same. This year’s celebration of Banned Books Week marks the 30th year of liberating literature. So choose a book, any book, and read…because you can! Not everyone across the U.S. can do the same.

~ Mrs. Z

P.S. Check out this interactive infographic!

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