Friday, January 25, 2013

Fiction Friday, 1.25.13 / From the Stacks

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Broken Soup by Jenny Valentine, pub. 2009, call # Fic VALENTINE

Today's fiction showcase is a novel about a girl who has taken on a lot of responsibility at a young age, and it's about the moment when a photo negative begins to spark some big changes for her.

"Positive. Negative. It's how you look at it...

Someone shoves a photo negative into Rowan's hands. She is distracted but, frankly, she has larger problems to worry about. Her brother is dead. Her father has left. Her mother won't get out of bed. She has to take care of her younger sister. And keep it all together...

But Rowan is curious about the mysterious boy and the negative. Who is he? Why did he give it to her? The mystery only deepens when the photo is developed and the inconceivable appears.

Everything is about to change for Rowan. . . . Finally, something positive in her life." (Jacket-flap)

"Most enjoyable: a life-affirming, witty, romantic read about freedom, responsibility, and love." -The Sunday Times (UK)

~ Mrs. Z

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