Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Multimedia Wednesday, 1.23.13 / From the Stacks

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Oswald's Ghost, written, produced, and directed by Robert Stone, pub. 2008, call # VC 973.922 OSW

"How could someone as inconsequential as Lee Harvey Oswald have killed someone as consequential as John F. Kennedy?"

Inauguration week is a time to reflect on the role of the presidency and our nation's past leaders. Today's multimedia selection investigates the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. 

"More than forty years after his death, seventy percent of Americans continue to believe that the 46-year-old president's murder was the result of a conspiracy. Did Lee Harvey Oswald, a twenty-four-year-old former marine and communist sympathizer, act alone? Was he influenced by Cuban dictator Fidel Castro or a rogue element of the CIA? Did the KGB or the Russian government order the killing? Acclaimed director Robert Stone offers an unprecedented deconstruction of the assassination of President Kennedy, uncovering how this single event forever changed the face of American culture and why it continues to plague the nation's psyche" (DVD back cover).

Consider checking out this DVD from the LMC to learn more about JFK and all of the mysteries surrounding his death...or read more about this film here.

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