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Nonfiction Tuesday, 1.22.13 / From the Stacks

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Dreams from My Father: a Story of Race and Inheritance by Barack Obama, pub. 1995, 2004, call # 973.04 OBA

Today, for Nonfiction Tuesday and in honor of this week's Presidential Inauguration, we're featuring a work by President Barack Obama. This book, however, was written long before Obama ran for the presidency.

One reviewer describes the book this way: "A searching meditation on the meaning of identity in America, Dreams from My Father might be the most revealing portrait we have of a major American leader—a man who is playing the most prominent role in healing a fractious and fragmented nation."

The back cover of the book provides this overview:
In this lyrical, unsentimental, and compelling memoir, the son of a black African father and a white American mother searches for a workable meaning to his life as a black American. It begins in New York, where Barack Obama learns that his father—a figure he knows more as a myth than as a man—has been killed in a car accident. This sudden death inspires an emotional odyssey—first to a small town in Kansas, from which he retraces the migration of his mother’s family to Hawaii, and then to Kenya, where he meets the African side of his family, confronts the bitter truth of his father’s life, and at last reconciles his divided inheritance.
Take the time this week to learn about our re-elected president, back when he was the U.S. senator-elect from Illinois.

As an added piece of nonfiction fun, check out the book So You Want to Be President? by Judith St. George and David Small, pub. 2000, CC STG.  Full of fun facts and great illustrations, this book will provide an entertaining read. Here is one review:

"In the time-honored tradition of political commentary, author Judith St. George and Caldecott Medal winner/illustrator David Small celebrate the public and private lives of forty-two Presidents with humor and flair. Imparting much information and many laughs, this rip-roaring look at the men who have all wanted to be President deserves a place on every library and classroom shelf."

~ Mrs. Z

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