Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Daily Create

Here's a question, DHS students: how often do you participate in class? Do you participate more often when it comes to things you enjoy doing? How about we work to close the participation gap at DHS? And no...I don't mean raising your hand more often! (Although, I'll bet your teacher would like that  : ) In fact, I don't even mean that it has to be school-related.

Think about how much media you consume each day. You watch videos and video clips. You read Facebook and Twitter feeds. You listen to music, read ebooks, and surf the web for the latest news and reviews. You're probably consuming a lot of visual, auditory, and written material each day.

But how much are you producing? How many videos do you shoot and edit? How many songs do you record? How many blog posts, tweets, and Facebook updates do you write? How often do you mix digital media to create online posters, digital stories, infographics, interactive timelines and maps, and more?

Everything that you consume was created by someone, somewhere. Let's work to contribute to that content so that others can consume what you create...so that they can be impressed by your skills!

In honor of Digital Learning Day on February 6, 2013, let's think about ways we can close the digital participation gap here at DHS.

Get started here with The Daily Create, where you can find a free daily dose of creative activity prompts.

~ Mrs. Z

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